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November 8, 2012
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"Either you're a ninny, or you're not meant to fly." Sophie mercilessly teased him while he hung upside down from a tree. "Eh, Jaspert?" How he got there was a different story altogether.
"When I get down from here!"
"Aye, try and get down, I'll race you to dinner!"
Tied by a rope to his ankle, Jaspert moved to try and swing himself, gathering enough moment from him to bend up and grab the rope so he can untie it. It didn't take long, and upon doing so he drops on his feat, ready to pounce the sibling responsible for the mishap, but Sophie had already began their race to the dining hall. "First one there gets all the baked potatoes!"
"You're on, Sophie!" He shouts back, dashing to reach her speed and surpassed it.

From atop a balcony, munching on a golden apple, Lilit watched the two race across the open field by the garden. Knowing the young masters, they were a hyperactive set; as curious of the clouds as their mother. Little wind chasers, she'd call them. Her own daughter had grown accustomed to the term.
"Watching the wind chasers again, mother?" She asks. Lilit looked over he shoulder and turned, opening her arms to hug her only daughter for one last time, though she's proud of the young woman she sees today, she knew it was only a matter of time until curiosity for what lies beyond Austria and Turkey takes over. Sarae was set to leave that day for Slovakia before continuing to Hungary.
"From what I heard, the wind is not the only thing they chase." Lilit replied. She grabs another golden apple from the bowl nearby and tossed it to Sarae, catching it skillfully. In thanks, she raised the fruit to her like a glass of wine, assuring her luck in both their travels in the coming days. "Just be careful out there."
"Evet, don't worry. I wouldn't expect trouble until I reach Slovenia anyway."

"Ha! Beat you to the front door!" Jaspert shouted back to Sophie who was fell behind.
With a surge of energy, she dashes forward. "We're not at the dining hall yet!"
They both raced their way through the servants working around the palace; from the armory to the study, until they've reached the kitchen and met Bovril there who quickly ran off to find its masters. At the far end of the kitchen tho, the young loris - Kaiser, began to chase after the two siblings.

Bovril ran along through the halls, hearing echoes of the siblings' playful race. Quickly, the loris found its entrance to the music hall where Deryn was busy discussing something with Dr. Barlow by the door.
"So it is possible to make pipes with a sheep's stomach?" Deryn repeated.
Nora sighed impatiently, sliding a book into a singular shelf when she noticed bovril scampering towards them. "yes, quite possible.. It seems Bovril has something to tell you, dear."
"Hm? Oh." Bovril, instead of climbing up, began tugging on her trousers. "What is it with you today?" The loris lets out an impatient grunt as Deryn picked him up. "Let me guess. Jaspert and Sophie again?" She asks. In response, Bovril stared with wide eyes, ears perked up and listening, and grunted in compliance. Deryn sighed, setting the loris on the floor and lets it run off.
"Oi, Alek. We got work to do." She called to the emperor lounging on a seat by the grand piano, reading an excerpt on what his ancestors had been composing.
"Again?" he asks.
Alek laughs, hauling himself off his seat and setting the booklet on the piano's keys, letting out an audible tone.

"Wooahh." The two youngins gazed up, scanning the large map that graced the wall of the dining hall. It was a map of Europe; detailed and huge, it looked to be very old, in a language they both recognize as gaelic. A language their mother had been secretly teaching them and dreaded by the Count.
"Barking huge, Europe."
"You think we'll get to see all of it one day?" Sophie asked her brother who was equally curious of what lies beyond their empire.
Jaspert shrugged, walking over to the other end of the map. "Maybe. If ma and da would allow us."
"You're the crown prince. I'm sure you can convince them."
"That seems unfair!" he answered back, when they heard an audible cough at the other side of the table. As expected, when the two took a peek and turned, they see their own da looking at them with arms crossed, curious of what they're up to.
"Mind telling me what you two are doing in the dining hall this early?"
The two grinned innocently, "We caught the scent of a meal, dad."
"Aye." Sophie nodded.
"Alright. You two wash up and get dressed. Be back her for dinner in an hour."
Finally hearing their stomachs growl, the two jumped for joy and run off, waving bye to their da. Truthfully, they were driven by the scent of a meal, but not one they'd find in the dining hall. Alek shook his head, impressed at the two.
"So what was that about?" Deryn asks, walking into the room with a baked potato on a fork, to which Alek began snickering.
"They smelled your baked potatoes, liebe." He laughs.
A quick drabble. Cant quite finish the other chapter since I 'accidentally' broke MS Office...
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